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Purchase Procedure in Thailand


Assess what you can afford

You must first assess how much you can actually afford.

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Choose your favourite property from Zupreme UK UK Property Buying

At the same time, you may start by choosing home appliances, such as kitchen and bathroom accessories. The time chosen for use will also determine how long your property is in preparation.

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Complete the booking agreement and pay the deposit

The cost of booking depends on the size, type and price of the property, but usually ranges from £1,000 to £20,000. This booking will be handled by our Sales & Marketing Team.

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Appoint a UK practising solicitor to handle the sale and purchase agreement documents

You should appoint an independent professional legal adviser to assist you with your legal process and inform the lawyer about the retention period

(usually 21 days), but may vary in individual circumstances.

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Draft contract

Submit the relevant documents to legal counsel and identify the property you are buying to outline the legal process for the transaction.

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Apply for a mortgage

Our team will introduce you to the bank, and the relevant procedures can also be carried out in Hong Kong.

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Confirm Your Mortgage Loan Quote

Check and confirm your mortgage loan quotation documents, sign and give the relevant documents to the lender. Confirm your accepted mortgage details with your legal advisor and our sales team.

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Pay the down payment and sign the sale and purchase agreement

Generally, 10% is paid to the account of the developer's lawyer, and it is decided how to pay the balance of the purchase price of the property.

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The buyer and the seller exchange the contract and pay the deposit

At this point, the buyer and the seller are legally bound by the terms of the contract.

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conduct building inspection

We can arrange professional building inspection services.

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get the key

Keys can be obtained after completing all building inspection procedures and repairs

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rental service

ZupremeCARE provides you with one-stop after-sales service, including decoration design, furniture configuration, tenant search, property management services

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