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Purchase Procedure in Thailand

We recommend who are interested in Thailand real estate project can visit Thailand to inspect the on-site environment and facilities around before the purchase the unit. For example for the project in Bangkok, Thailand, customers can make an appointment with our Hong Kong colleagues in Thailand for site visit tour. A one-on-one tour of Bangkok would arranged to see the real project and off-plan projects with you, also professionally to analyze different district, population and traffic conditions, finally choose the suitable area and real estate project according to the needs of customers no matter for self-use, investment or renting, which based on the budgets and preference basis.


💰Booking Fee and Down Payment

Filling in Booking Form after confirming your unit, please provide your identity card and passport copy, we will send to the developer accordingly. Then paying the booking fees by cash, cheque or bank transfer for confirmation, the said fee is refundable after 30 calendar days ONLY when down-payment received and SPA agreement is signed (Depends on the developer).


💱Notes for overseas purchaser remittance

Overseas buyer should be proceeded the down-payment with 14 days after booking by using Telegraphic Transfer (Thai Baht payment is NOT applicable according to Thai Law). And required to state the said amount use to buy a property in Thailand.

📝Sign SPA (Sales and Purchase Agreement)

Developer will issue credit advice and Sales and Purchase Agreement within 90 days after down-payment is proceeded, the SPA will be ready at our Hong Kong Sales Office for your earliest collection.


🏦Opening Thai Bank Account

Sales and Purchase Agreement is required to submit for opening bank account in Thailand, the account could be in use of rental payment and miscellaneous fees auto-pay. 


We recommend buyer need to bring relevant document to open a bank account by your own in every branches. For those who purchase off-plan project can also open a bank account with the document, and normally can get your bank book and card at one. Opening hours of bank branch in shopping mall is longer and also open on Saturday and Sunday, more flexible and convenient for buyer. Personal preference and online banking accessibility also the issues that buyer can choose your suitable bank.

📐Inspection and Final Payment

You will be able to proceed an inspection of your own unit once developer has confirmed the completion, customer can kindly contact us for inspector services. The title deed and keys are will be ready within 60 days after final payment and full transfer is completed.

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