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BNO Residency Questions Answered

Q1: Can Shimi live and be buried together?
Department, yes.

Q2: When can I officially naturalize?
After living for five years, you can apply for settlement status, and you can officially naturalize after one year.
The above is the press release published by the British government:…/uk-to-extend-residence-rights-for-brit…


Q3: Can I bring and bury dependents?
Can bury family members (dependant)

Q4: Ordering samples for their dependents?
It has not been announced in detail, but if you refer to your family visa,

Partner: Married, or can prove that they have lived together for two years or more
Children: under 18 years old
As for the parents, it is necessary to prove that they need your care for a long time, and they cannot receive proper care in Hong Kong.

Q5: Is there any free teaching for children?
Any visa that can stay for more than six months, 5 to 18 years old can have free education (government schools).…/schools-admissions-applications-from-o…

Q6: Is there any income requirement?
Unknown, it is estimated that there will be an annual minimum income requirement, because the government hopes that applicants can be self-sufficient without government funding. The details will be announced by the Ministry of the Interior later.

Q7: Can I enjoy public fund?
No, general unemployment benefits and pensions are not available, but medical care and education are not included.

Q8: Can I enjoy NHS government medical care?
Yes, and the NHS charges £400 a year for unnatural people living in the UK, but there are no other charges.…/how-much-pay

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