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Thai investors move forward to invest in London property

CBRE Thailand, a world-class real estate consultancy, found that Thai investors are increasingly interested in real estate in London, England, while London residences remain in high demand and the pound remains at the low level for the fifth year in a row, 2020 and onwards are the best times for investors to enter London's real estate market.

Miss Pornpimol Phuengkhuankhan, CBRE Thailand Director and Head of Residential Trading said: “The London real estate market is becoming a popular investment choice with high purchasing power from Thai property investors. By the locations that attract the most attention are in Zone 1 and Zone 2 of London.

“The first investors to buy London properties were wealthy families with children studying in London. This group of buyers wants to find a place to stay to provide comfort to their children. They will buy residences that are 500–800 meters away from the Underground Line to allow their children to go and back from the university comfortably, while the second group of investors will invest in wanting to generate return on rent.

London's network of public transport systems has been developed to cover areas across the capital. Thus making it easy to travel to central London from Zone 3 and Zone 4. In addition, land in both zones is priced significantly lower than Zone 1 and Zone 2, making it a good and cost effective investment to buy housing in Zone 3 and Zone 4. For Thai investors, they can buy a one-bedroom residence in Zone 3 with a budget of 15-20 million baht.

By The CBRE believes that Thai investors will continue to invest in London real estate in 2020 to expand their portfolio to the London market and benefit from the low exchange rate. Including the prospect of profit from real estate value that will increase in the future and return on rent.

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