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Foreigners can get a Buy-To-Let Mortgage in the UK up to 75%, and whether or not a mortgage can be approved depends on a number of factors:
~Include personal finances
~ Bank policy, government policy, etc.

🔹Those who are interested in buying a property in the UK through a Buy-To-Let Mortgage can contact us and our mortgage experts will make a mortgage assessment for you first.

🔹There are only a few banks in the UK that accept mortgage applications from overseas buyers. Zupreme UK and UK Mortgage Broker can apply for mortgage assessment for customers, so that investors can know early whether the mortgage will be approved, whether they can afford the payment, etc.... ..

🔹UK banks will obtain the applicant's credit background through Hong Kong credit institutions. When submitting a mortgage application, you must prepare the application documents and personal information. The required information will vary according to the client's work situation, such as salaried or self-employed people need to submit documents are completely different, it is advisable to let us know as soon as possible.

🔹UK banks also have stress tests, can the mortgage be approved in full? It depends on the test results.
Factors calculated by the test include:
~Individual or joint purchase of property
~ marital status
~Whether there are dependents
~Do you have any mortgage/car mortgage in Hong Kong?
~ daily expenses, etc.

🔹The current interest rate in the UK is about 2.5-4%. It depends on the loan-to-value ratio applied for. The higher the loan-to-value ratio, the more expensive the interest. The payment term and mortgage type will also affect the monthly payment amount.

🔹UK property mortgages include:
1) Repayment-Basis Mortgage (repayment + interest)
2) Interest-Only Mortgage (interest only).

For more information, please contact our UK sales team+44 7473 376725Miss Ho


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